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About the Authors

Linda Gutlohn (Teaching ReadingSourcebook, Word ID)
Owner of phonicFinder, software and services for analyzing text decodability, and editor and co-author of the Teaching Reading Sourcebook, a comprehensive resource on evidence-based reading instruction, Linda can usually be found at her desk developing literacy products for publishers. She has more than 25 years of experience in education as an editor, author, elementary teacher, and language arts consultant.

Frances Bessellieu (Word ID)
President of Side-by-Side K–12 Consulting, Inc., Frances spends her days working with teachers, school districts, and state-level administrators across the U.S., supporting them with effective professional development in instructional improvement for literacy. In her more than 25 years of experience, she's been a secondary special-education teacher, district administrator, and national consultant.

Bill Honig (Teaching Reading Sourcebook)
President of CORE (Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education), former State Superintendent of Public Instruction of California, and author of Teaching Our Children to Read: The Role of Skills in a Comprehensive Reading Program.

Michael Milone (The Nasha series, Juno’s Twins, Diminish)
A nationally recognized research psychologist and award-winning educational writer. He currently serves on the Research Advisory Board of Renaissance Learning, the Education Advisory Team of Bluenose Edutainment, and the Albert J. Harris Award Committee of the International Reading Association. In addition to educationally related products, Dr. Milone has designed and written correspondence courses dealing with human relations, business management, business law, and computer repair.

Linda Diamond (Teaching Reading Sourcebook, Multiple Measures)
Chief executive officer of CORE; a national speaker of literacy, leadership, assessment, and Response to Intervention; a former school principal and director of instruction; author of the middle-school supplemental vocabulary intervention program Word Intelligence; co-author of Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures and the Vocabulary Handbook.

B.J. Thorsnes (Multiple Measures)
An educational consultant, Senior Editor for CORE, former classroom teacher and graduate level special education literacy and assessment instructor. B.J. is a national speaker on literacy, Response to Intervention, and special education issues, and a writer and consultant with textbook publishers.